WHO GOES THERE? WAVE 6 from Unbox Industries

Unbox Industries will be unleashing WAVE 6 of their « WHO GOES THERE? » blind box series, this coming Saturday June 25th (HK: 23:00PM) online via A display case of 12 units’ll be priced at US$156.00. Also listed on the online shop are WAVE 4 and WAVE 5, so this’ll be a sweet chance to snag more LOL

WHAT-ARE: « Each series of « WHO GOES THERE? / WGT? » is an ensemble project that has drafted in some of our favourite artists that specialise in the more grotesque and surreal concepts that we hold dear to our hearts. Comprising of ten original sculpts that are all produced using a ‘vinyl marbling’ production process & two ‘chase’ variants, each carton yields a truly unique assortment of interesting figures. »

Sized (approx) 6CM / 2.5″ tall, the line-up of soft vinyl figures’ll be in assorted MARBLE / GID / GLITTER / UNPAINTED editions – some of whom are featured here – with this wave’s creators including @theghostshrimp, @turtlemilkstudios, @naoki_soseikoubou, @wondergoblin, @joe_whiteford and @nomiwa2016.

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