@shibabeast_nft est une collection haut de gamme de 6000 conceptions haut de gamme NFT 3D 8K …

@shibabeast_nft est une collection premium de 6000 NFT 3D 8K de mode haut de gamme conçue par KreoArts. La valeur de ce projet est soutenue non seulement par un marketing fort, mais par l’illustration exclusive de chaque NFT, et par le lot d’avantages pour les porteurs de contrats à terme. Le HYPE est réel ! Plus de 20 000 membres Discord en seulement 24 HEURES ! Ne manquez pas ça et rejoignez leur communauté :

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  2. It’s certainly been a stellar week! Not only did we launch the Block Explorer Shop Beta, but we’ve also had some tightly competitive challenges hitting their peak this week! You can also tune in to our latest Upland Update that we released earlier today!
    Without further ado, let’s head-on into the weekend with a roundup of this week’s exciting new ventures:
    Block Explorer Shops
    Metaventures are officially LIVE in Upland! The Block Explorer Shop Beta began this past Tuesday, allowing players the ability to visit 10 player-owned shops in the metaverse to purchase exclusive Block Explorers. Head to one of the in-game shops to view the owner’s inventory of Block Explorers and experience Metaventures for the very first time!
    This is a huge milestone for the Upland team, and paves the way for future expansions of the Metaventure program to include various business types like NFLPA Fan Shops, Realty Agencies, Manufacturing Shops, Lending Services, and more!

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