And so we’ve seen THREE glow-in-the-dark BLAXK LOTUS editions of SHINIGAMI THE AWAKENING resin figure released and SOLD OUT: The YELLOW Glow, the GREEN Glow (BLAXK online exclusive) and most recently the BLUE Glow (exclusive to UnboxCon) … and now teased is a RED GLOW?

(Above pic via The Wetworks Complex) Absolutely zero information of WHEN this’ll drop, except for the quasi-cryptic « America » mentioned …! And I doubt it would be for this coming weekend’s Five Points Fest? Or it could be DesignerCon (November 18-20)? Too huge a gap in timeline tho… perhaps a San Diego Comic Con exclusive to a retailer (circa July 21-24)?

Whatever it may be, stay connected to @iamwetworks and @theblaxkspace for updates, and I’ll share my filmed footage for the first edition, filmed during Media Preview on May 14th, cheers.

The BLAXK Lotus edition of « Shinigami: The Awakening » features a double-casting, resulting in a crystal-like figure with an inlaid lotus within the figure’s head. « The inlaid lotus glows in the dark, giving this Shinigami: The Awakening – BLAXK Lotus figure an otherworldly presence in a dim environment. »

It has been mentioned that there’ll be « 250pcs » produced, which thus far has seen « 50pcs » each (GID) colorway released, and with the « Red », it’ll already work out to « 200pcs ». If there is indeed a « 5th » colorway, WHERE would it go? Singapore Comic Con? Somewhere where creator Carlo will physically go to…? Or exclusive to The Wetworks Complex Facebook group?

FYI: The figure was first released via the show at BLAXK for SGD399 (excluding shipping). The figure editions Sell Out within a blink or three, so don’t nap, or you’ll miss out!

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