Michael Lau for Blanko Block Party

When I received the emailer for the first BLANKO release from Michael Lau, I was hesitant as I do not focus on NFTs (with whatever little knowledge I have and presented thus far for) … then I received a SECOND headsup, which had gotten be intrigued, but for what awaits Michale Lau-collectors who could enter the NFT marketplace beyond a « one-and-done »-release, IMHO. But first, let’s start at the beginning…!

« Box B » was the first Blanko to be released. Dropped December 20, 2021, each priced at US$99.99 or 10000 Blanko Bucks, with tokenization since ended. Here’s a video to watch, including gameplay moving visuals. You can read more of the product’s press release here.

The next release from Crazysmiles X Mythical Games has been revealed to be « SQUARE » (Image revealed below), with this character being the 2nd of three of the Gardener Series to be unleashed! Limited to 1859 mints, SQUARE will be available for US$114.99 or 11,500 Blanko Bucks, dropping Wednesday, January 26th at 3pm Pacific / 23:00 UTC in and in-game. « This Blanko is not available for MashUP. »

Accessories: « As with the previous Michael Lau Blanko, Box B, this Blanko comes equipped with two unique, exclusive accessories. These accessories are a chain bracelet and a chain belt. » (Read more here)

I wonder who’ll be the THIRD BLANKO? While going thru my « Michael Lau »-tag on TOYSREVIL, I’d been reacquainted with one of my key toy-heroes before and now …! And my vote for the third Blanko is « MISS » (Images below via ) from his CRAZY CHILDREN series! But could well be « TATTOO » or or the bearded « BRIAN », maybe even « MAXX », the more recognisable « Michael Lau characters »…?

What do you think?

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