« MECHASOUL SHINIGAMI » Prototype from Clogtwo X Wetworks

WHAT-IS: And while I’ve featured tons of my Media Preview-images for SHINIGAMI: THE AWAKENING exhibition since opened at BLAXK (Exhibits thru July 10, 2022), today I’ll take a closer look at « MECHASOUL SHINIGAMI » from Clogtwo produced by Wetworks.

Sized 26cm tall X 20cm wide X 15cm deep, the unpainted prototype was on show, with the collectible figure sporting intense mecha detailing – as per @clogtwo’s MECHASOUL-illustration aesthetics – manifested into this piece, extending to the anime-fuelled mecha-scythe, was amazing to behold. I cannot wait to see the figure in the original colorway (artwork also on display, but not placed exactly above this prototype, ironically.

This is the second MECHASOUL-themed figure released with @iamwetworks, with MECHASOUL DEADSTOCK interestingly not on display at the show tho… Would’ve been awesome to see it in person, even if I am unable to own one LOL

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