Le @bigcats_nft s’est associé à un artiste bien connu qui a travaillé sur Spiderman…

Le @bigcats_nft s’est associé à un artiste bien connu qui a travaillé sur Spiderman et Avengers. Leur objectif est d’apporter le meilleur art possible à l’espace NFT. Assurez-vous de rejoindre la communauté @bigcats_nft via le lien dans leur bio🔥

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  1. In my last review I had mentioned that I will update my review after a few weeks .
    That was already 9 weeks ago and I would like to explain now what experiences I made during these 9 weeks.
    I only want to emphasize facts here. It is not my intention to gloss over anything or to promote anything.
    But it is my intention to share my experiences here to help other traders with their decisions.
    Veda system allows the trader to trade in all timeframes.
    I have been trading almost exclusively H1 for the last weeks. (Timeframe one hour). This has been the best week ever.. thank you @NANCY_MILES__

  2. NFT is extremely trendy nowadays but let’s be honest, how many people are really making any profits with it? Most of the guys are simply launching their JPEGs, paying for ads and claiming that their particular NFT’s are extremely rare and will go to the moon, but all of it is complete crap. Only a few NFT’S are really worth something and only a few are actually making decent numbers.
    Don’t fall for these stories about kids who are making millions with it.

    If you really want to grow financially then focus on things you can actually learn and understand. Go for ecommerce, amazon fba or even crypto trading! Just don’t burn money on NFT’S expecting to wake up a millionaire.

    Just keep in mind that things like Amazon FBA or crypto trading require decent starting capital, preferably $3,000 while ecommerce/dropshipping can be started with as low as $500 which you’ll mostly spend on paid ads. That’s just my personal experience! Peace and love everyone!

  3. I’m from Western Australia, Perth. I’d been trading prior before coming here about 18 months. That was with currencies. I got hit in the crash, with stocks and shares. I didn’t know anything about them, we were doing something at the time and I placed what we had on the stock market that went south. And then I tried to recover back, so I tried something different – currencies, and found that going through different places, trying different things there was no strategy.
    And then I ended up eventually finding @NANCY_MILES__, which I originally looked before but I let that go, until that was the end of it, I came here. Now I’m with Nancy with a strategy. I now look at a longer timeframe before I enter something and make sure I have everything in place before I make my entry.
    So I’ve got patience now and I have a strategy, I can see what I need to do now when I enter into a trade and when to exit. I actually made $16k last week. When I was coming here I was in and out like a piano player. I was pressing everything that I could, thinking that I was doing the right thing, and it took me quite a while to achieve that. But anyway now I’m in the process of moving forward.
    Top 2 things coming here is – I’m in the atmosphere. In this environment which helped me – I needed to be in that. I think for me the people that are around here that have been supportive, helpful… They have helped me back on track again with the coaching and the mentoring I’ve had from here.
    I think Nancy had her moments with me, she could see my bad habits that I had. That was really hard to get rid of. I had somebody mentioned that I was in a trade, which I didn’t want them to say and you (Nancy) approached me in the end of it and said “what are you doing? We have our reputation; you paid us this money to help you so do something about it.” And I went through another coach and I was in trouble with it taking my trade earlier – so I sort of learned that. And now I’m following the rules that I have been taught.
    If I was talking to a new beginner – trader, I would make sure the biggest thing is, make sure you know what you are entering in [email protected]_MILES__

  4. What I have personally needed was someone that could put all of the pieces together in the right order. We have puzzle pieces all over the table with no clue of what the complete picture is supposed to look like, even those that are considered “guru’s” have failed to show me how to put it all together in the right order. Nancy You are excellent in not only the technicals and how to see the trade, but step 1, 2, and 3. What you are doing this week is priceless. Saying thanks just isnt enough. @NANCY_MILES__

  5. @ayla_dylan_fx choices may play a better role in giving lives meaningful outcomes. I knew the moment I gave it a try positive results as expected thanks ma’am @ayla_dylan_fx

  6. I wish to congratulate you for initiating and continually developing your “Daily Price Action” website. Initially, I became a member to simply access the Price Action Course, but much to my delight the peripheral benefits of membership have outweighed my expectations.
    The course is very informative and relevant with real time chart illustrations, however I mostly appreciate the growing community of members that has evolved. Your Daily Set Ups are informative and valuable, whilst our contributions and opinions are greatly encouraged.
    You are inspirational, with a great ability to mentor and transform our community, from system rule based traders to patient, discretionary and flexible traders. Optimism is great, but worthless unless you can combine the realism of trading, so thank you for providing a valuable community for “real retail traders”. @NANCY_MILES__

  7. I actually took time to figure out the legitimatex and I can tell everyone the kind of woman you are, you’ve been honest from day one and finally I got my profits. @ivan_nora_fx

  8. NANCY has been one of the biggest blessing in 2021 for myself.

    Unlike many other communities, Nancy is fully transparent, educational & a family.

    With the amount of educational material available, you’d be motivated to learn and work towards the end goal of financial freedom along with many other like-minded members. @NANCY_MILES__

  9. Most brokers are faking sincerity, faking expertise. Sharks looking for easy prey, tossing darts at a list of stocks. Nancy is the opposite. You inspire trust. I like that you’re on my team. You keep finding new ways to educate me in the best and safest ways of navigating the jungle. I wasn’t nearly as savvy an investor before I found you. I sleep better now. @NANCY_MILES__

  10. I have been seeing
    post everywhere and lots of people
    keep saying reach out to her and
    eventually | did and it turned out to
    be legit I invested $1,300 and got
    $12,100 in 5days @diann_hudson_fx

  11. @florence_exchange_fx2
    “I have always understood the importance of investing, but between work, family and everything else on my plate, I just never had the time to research quality stock ideas on my own. There was one bad decision after another and I was getting tired of coming up short. Then a really great friend of mine told me about Nancy. I signed up. I told myself I was really going to give it a shot so I could get the most out of the service and see if the service was as great as I heard. I started,And from there it really just didn’t take long at all for me to be completely on board. The service is Great! … Thanks Florence Keep up the good work!” @florence_exchange_fx2

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