Ils ont vendu leur première collection en 17 minutes. @boredbunnynft est maintenant lancé…

Ils ont vendu leur première collection en 17 minutes. @boredbunnynft lance maintenant sa deuxième collection, la liste blanche est maintenant ouverte Pourquoi entrer ? – Ils ont vendu en 17 minutes leur première collection – Un prix plancher – DJ Khaled, Floyd Mayweater, David Dobrik… ont rejoint le projet – Chaque détenteur de Bored Bunny recevra un Bored Bad Bunny en cadeau – 370k membres sur Discord They lancement le jeudi 20 janvier Ne manquez pas __ Suivez @boredbunnynft & Rejoignez leur discord (lien dans leur bio) pour en savoir plus sur la liste blanche et le projet

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  1. Your course has given me a new life @IVORYBRANDON_ i know a lot of people take your course and are very grateful for the opportunity you have provided them in their lives, but there really are no words that I can say to let you know how your course has given me a new life. You see I’m divorced and my children live on one side of Canada and I on the other. I really don’t get to see them every day like daddies are suppose too. With this extra income that I’m earning with your course I will be able to take a lot more time off work too see them and that to me is priceless. So I just want to say thank you @IVORYBRANDON_ thank you for being a stand up lady and sharing your knowledge with others. I know it has taken you nany pain taking hours to providing me with a lot more than just a income stream. I don’t know how I would have ever figured it out with out you

  2. I’m still surprised on how Imade so many profit after seeing many people complain of being scammed, this
    is just mazing am still shocked thanks @wealthwithlisa_

  3. I want to say a huge thank you to @NANCY_MILES__, I have never come across a company that genuinely wants the students to succeed like this one does.

    I am excited about my trading future – and look forward to creating a bright future for myself.
    To future students – take every class you can, treat this like a degree – work hard, create a study plan, and get help, lots – from your coach. It will work, be patient and be kind to yourself when learning something new. Enjoy it. @NANCY_MILES__

  4. For a start I deposited $2,000 to test the waters, after 7days I got a return of $19,500. Her diligence and honesty is undeniable @geronda_tymone.cleveland

  5. You are a wonderful teacher, boss leader and friend. You are everything one could look for in a good mentor @IVORYBRANDON_ you groomed many to be sound professionals and made working with you an interesting and memorable experience. And with your help, immense support and payout @IVORYBRANDON_ many have been able to achieve their dreams

  6. I work for a company that specialize in plastic and building materials since i was 18 years old.
    Foreign Exchange trading is an entirely new market for me. What really attracted me mainly was the market size, covering global and at the same time we do twenty-four hours for five days a week.

    Just to know about the system methodically and what it’s like to be using strategies. For me, it’s a raw thing that needs to be molded and perfected. The objective is to become a fund manager and my son and I will work on it together.
    I have been following Nancy on instagram and that’s how I made my schedule, I wake up early in the morning and follow the fixed time trade and follow the strategy. Of course it needs to be further sharpened, once I master these two strategies, I will probably explore the next one.

    Yes, I started like a three-week old baby, yet to explore, yet to learn, yet to fall and get up. My most successful trade was the EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF with a success rate of more than 30%. I need to improve my success rate up to 90%.

    The best part I like is the full support. Its like your learning to drive a car again, the same experience but your instructor is sitting right next to you and that’s exactly what we are looking for. We are looking at the subject and this market and need to be trading professionally and profitably and that where Nancy comes in. @NANCY_MILES__

  7. Another great withdrawals today!!! I really appreciate all you’ve done for me you are the best and I promise to spread your work Thank you @wealthwithlisa_

  8. Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to be better. In other to secure that future their is need to intentionally learn new skill, think of new ideas and undertake new investment opportunities that will guarantee continuous cash flow even after active work. @EARNWITH.ALIANA.WALKER has got you coveredl!

  9. My plan with trading is to make a full-time job out of it and like Nancy says, that’s not a full-time sitting in front of the screen, it’s having the life that you want so you are in control of your own life and at the moment, I’m basically a workaholic. I work all the time. I have four children and to be able to see them and spend time with them, that’s my goal. That is what I plan for everyday: to be able to have the life that I want and control my own life.

    Universe options is a great journey, just jump on. You’ve got to write your goals down and review them daily and work to them and if you have a problem talk to your coach and go forward. @NANCY_MILES__

  10. A great platform that can make everybody smile, my first time hearing about making money online, I thought is fake but when I try it I realize that is real so I won’t keep silent I need everyone to smile like me @IVORYBRANDON_

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