Daniel Yu for Taipei Toy Festival 2022 & Online Drops (May 26)

Featured here today is a line-up of figure releases from Daniel Yu – destined for Taipei Toy Festival 2022 (May 26-29) via Booth A45, AND as well select drops on (Thursday, 26th May, 11am EST/11pm Singapore time)!. Stay updated via Daniel’s Instagram and Facebook…!

Here is what you can look forward to:

– NEW Vinyl figure « BOMSAI » (made with Unbox Industries) will debut! Pulled in clear vinyl with white and blue swirls, each piece is unique. Looks like there’ll be hand-painted editions too…!

– Micro Fu Manchu and Jiangshi cast in a royal purple resin.

– New LUNAR CAT Edition Vinyl Figure (made with Max Toy Co).

– New Hand painted editions of THE LUNAR BEAST and LUNAR CLERIC

– New vinyl edition of MUMBLES in Hand-painted and Blank (swirl) editions.

– A new colourway of the Lunar Creep XL (Made with Unbox Industries)

– TINY ALIEN SERIES (Collaboration with Robin Tang) in hand-painted editions and BLANK resin colorways (available only ONLINE).

– Baby Blue SHINING WIZARD (will be available at TTF for now). Hand-painted editions available via both TTF and online.

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