BOY KARMA (Blue Eyes version) from Max Toy Co

New Micro Run of BOY KARMA from Mark Nagata of MaxToyCo currently available on, with each 4.5 inches tall hand-painted-on-milky soft vinyl each priced at only US$50 per, limited to only 9pcs. Bonus Toy Karma pin included.

WHO or WHAT is « Boy Karma »?
Boy Karma is the Deity who represents the Toy Karma credo of paying it forward in a positive light in all your toy deals and your Holy Grail toy will come to you ! Now you too can have a Boy Karma to watch over your toy collection and just maybe bring you some good Toy Karma!


« Boy Karma » is one of those classic designer toys in the timeline of TOYSREVIL, as it was the first time I’d approach Mark Nagata for an 2007 online interview because of seeing it, then having the opportunity to receive and review one in 2011, and then having it as a Special dedicated Edition to « celebrate » TOYSREVIL’s 10th Anniversary (in 2015), is pretty darn good toy-memories, I insist!

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