BlessedOblivion NFTs from Brent Nolasco

And while Brent Nolasco has been known for his 3-dimensional sculpted creations on TOYSREVIL, the U.S.-based artist has since delved into digital art, specifically « NFTs », and shares with us his work.

« I’ve been working but laying low. Been work on more digital work then 3D sculpts. Right now I have some NFT available right now (… They suppose to not have a big carbon Imprint like normal NFT. I’m all new to this. So Im learning as I go. Some of the NFT I have available are singles and editions. »

I’d wanted to add that Brent’s more recent videography x photo-manipulation aesthetics has certainly led to a decidedly interesting and apt transition to the digital realm, and am keen to see his toys and sculpted creations be more involved too, IMHO. You might want to stay connected to his IG @blessedblessedoblivion, cheers.

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